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Lawyer Encourages Fluke to Sue Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh has endured some backlash for comments he made about a supposed college student, Sandra Fluke. Now one lawyer claims Fluke should sue.

Rush called her chastity into question when she publicly announced that she spends $1000 or more annually on birth control. This was her way of trying to convince the government that Catholic entities need to cover birth control for their students and employees in their health insurance plan. It turns out that she is not actually a college student at all, but an activist heavily involved with the fight to get free access to birth control for all women.   

However, that fact has not stopped some lawyers from claiming she has a case against Rush. According to ABC News, Gloria Allred believes Rush broke a little-known Florida law when he called her a “slut” and other names on the air. She claims that the law, which was made in 1883, makes it a misdemeanor to call into question a female’s chastity in public.

Fluke has not yet said whether she will initiate a lawsuit or not. Rush did apologize, but many believe it to be not enough to make up for what he said. It is unclear what kind of damages she would seek if she decided to pursue the case.

Gloria Allred is widely known for being involved with high profile clients, such as celebrities, so her involvement with this issue comes as no surprise. Fluke has quickly become a well-known figure simply from the nonstop news about the scandal.