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Pfizer Birth Control Recall Could Lead to Lawsuits

In a nightmare for both Pfizer’s public relations team and women trying to prevent pregnancy, there has been a recall on two types of the company’s birth control pills. They are Lo Ovral 28 and the generic Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol, though only certain lots are affected. Of course, there is no telling how many women will be adversely affected due to this, especially since about one million packs have been recalled.

Apparently, some of the pills might not be in the correct sequence, and it is important to take these pills in the right order to prevent pregnancy. Some packs may have too many ineffective sugar pills, while others might have more hormone pills than necessary. While the latter mistake is not likely to affect anyone, the fact that hormone-filled pills have been replaced with sugar pills results in a lack of protection against pregnancy. Therefore, in the next few months, there may be several lawsuits against Pfizer.

Some women might be tempted to sue for wrongful birth or pregnancy, but many lawyers advise that a class action lawsuit may be the best route to take. This is because a wrongful birth case would require women to prove that they took the pills right, and that Pfizer’s mistake is what got them pregnant. Obviously, this could be difficult to prove. Plus, women cannot expect to get the amount of money required to raise a child. Instead, it may be wise to request enough to pay for the pregnancy and birth costs, or the costs of either abortion or adoption, should they decide not to keep the baby.