Citizens United will stand

Citizens United will stand

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After a comprehensive effort put forth by the state of Montana, 20 other states and several campaign finance reform groups to have the SCOTUS overturn their highly criticized Citizens United decision, The Nine have reiterated their stance on corporate rights in the electoral process.

The justices struck down Montana’s election laws banning corporate backing of elections in that state, with the majority writing that:

“In Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, this Court struck down a similar federal law, holding that `political speech does not lose First amendment protection simply because its source is a corporation.’ The question presented in this case is whether the holding of Citizens United applies to the Montana state law. There can be no serious doubt that it does.”

The decision to uphold CU as applicable and prevailing law in Montana effectively struck down that state’s attempts at campaign finance reform. Written on June 25th, the ruling was met with bitter resolve by good government and campaign reform groups like Common Cause, who vow to amend the Constitution in order to reverse the decision.

Oh boy.

Not to worry, though. It’s wholly logical to go digging around in the Constitution and adding amendments to it for the sole purpose of declaring that corporations are not people.

In truth, that type of language in the U.S. Constitution is exactly the sort of thing that could very well make the entire document a perpetual joke.

But, that’s a small price to pay in order for the senior justices to have their so-called legacies cemented in stone.